Doodle of a Python but with a bankai

A beginners’ guide on how to serve images, MP3 files, PDF files, DOC files, etc. to frontend from backend using Python FastAPI.

Starting With A Very Basic FastAPI App

How to structure your project — organizing and grouping different functionalities into different code files.

A Basic Python FastAPI Backend App

Doodle of a Python with a Resurrection Release

The 21-Line Function (Decoupled into 3 functions)

Condensed Into 1 Very Long Line

magic = lambda lis: [[len([i for i in range(2,n+1) if 0 not in [i%j for…

A beginner-friendly explanation for the concept of Dynamic Programming.

Prerequisites — Understanding Recursion


Full-time Software Engineer. Part-time Python Tutor, Tech Writer & Crypto Investor. Free-time pianist, gamer, gardener & self-proclaimed cook

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